Wpf status bar text not updating

The second window renders, it is blocked, and the Status Text. The debugger shows that the while loop is updating the Status Text. The window does not render the filled grid, or Status Bar/Text Block, Dispatcher. The method for monitoring the load of the datatable asynchronously works well outside the context of a wpf application.

The Report Progress handler will be marsheled to the proper UI thread. How do I call my methods provided by the Model View from the code behind?

Text := '11'; // now the text is updated visually Status Bar.

But for some reason the progress bar shows empty when the function runs, and then nothing until the function finishes running. I'm new to C#/WPF so I'm not 100% sure on how I would implement a Dispatcher on a different thread (as seen on some other posts) to fix this problem.

I have a Text Box in Status Bar in wpf which i want to update. On each file I would be doing some operation by calling say method Process File().

So whenever the file processing is completed I want to show that file's name in the Status Bar text.

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I have an application that provides users with the option to select a SQL table to view from a list of tables.

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