Wordpress site not updating changes

Most of the time this can easily be resolved by purging your site’s cache!

They’re two ways to purge your cache at WP Engine, just use one of the two methods below: The first and most thorough method of clearing your site’s cache is within your Word Press Admin Dashboard. Utilities and scroll to the section labeled “Cache options” to choose “Clear page cache”. Note that it does not clear out the Object Caching layer, or the CDN cache, if you are utilizing either.

After purging your site’s cache, purge your browser’s cache and refresh the page as well.

I've had suggestions that it may not be the correct file that I am editing.

The changes work on my local installation but do not appear on the live site.

I have even attempted to insert gibberish code into the file to see if it would update, It did not.

This means if there are any issues you can restore your website.

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If it doesn't work, or you just prefer to be more hands-on, you can follow the manual update process.

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