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(It also includes some recognizable cameos: Dave Pirner and Evan Dando play bit parts, as do Andy Dick and David Spade).In commemoration of the latter’s anniversary, I asked my friend and freelance writer Ryan Creed to join me in a very important cinematic debate: which is better, is a rare film that unknowingly captured an era’s zeitgeist: it was conceived before the Seattle hype took over modern rock radio, and even Eddie Vedder and Jeff Ament’s cameos were made when Pearl Jam was still called Mookie Blaylock.It feels less like a movie, and more a product targeted to corporate America’s idea of Generation X.When you watch it, you can almost see the checklist of clichés that the movie studio required director Ben Stiller to include: thrift store clothes, The Gap, an HIV scare, lots of talk about divorce, pop culture references, A DAVE PIRNER CAMEO.She had an affair with the Major League Baseball pitcher Brad Penny from June to August 2007.They were spotted together in several parties by the media.Unlike some overnight sensations, he did not evaporate when the seasons changed.

Would it matter if Gwyneth Paltrow was cast instead, like the studio wanted?Regarded as the James Dean of the '80s, New York State native Matt Dillon made being bad look so good. Priding himself as an actor who values quality over monetary pursuits, Matt Dillon's selective nature has kept him out of the tabloids over the past two decades. DILLON: I'm not living at home now, but I had been up until now. The reports speculated them to be having an affair although after few days the rumor faded away with no signs of further news about the couple.Her second affair could be considered as her real affair.

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While I didn’t love it, I didn’t particularly hate it, either.

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