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Here’s a guide to making that first impression really count and, hopefully, hearing back from the person who’s caught your eye.1.

Pay Attention To The Profile It’s important to show that you’ve really taken the time to consider whether the person you’re contacting is a good fit for you.

You may think this applies only to men looking for women, or folks trying to attract someone a bit out of their league – but that isn’t so. Most captivating subject line in that assortment goes to…the guy who wrote “86”, I guess? I’ve just gone from spending 10-30 seconds on your email and probably not even looking at your profile to a few minutes thinking about you. But you gotta handle the second email just right (for suggestions, follow the link). A third email is a little too Bates Motel for Olivia’s tastes.Be consistent in your responses and always treat people with the same respect and positive regard that you would like to be treated with. Meet first before getting closer online – even though it may be tempting to move your communication away from the e Harmony website quite quickly – so you don’t have to log on to read your responses – we recommend that you meet in person first before you give out any personal details including your email address, phone number or surname. Take your time – spend as long as you want getting to know someone online – the important thing is that you only meet in person when you feel completely ready.It is important to remember however, that sometimes if you spend too long communicating online it can make meeting in person harder because the rapport you have online will be different to how you communicate face to face.I really do try to keep an open mind about this, but come on.You can just know when you won't be attracted to someone.

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When writing your email, make it clear that you’ve paid attention to the details in his or her profile. For example, if the profile mentions that this member is a Stephen King fan, ask which of his books is their favorite?

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