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On the other hand, technology is giving us great tools to stay safe, like an app that’s helping people who were abducted in the Middle East alert the police. Some people feel the devices' cloud-connected features have the potential to spill their private moments all over the web.

It's a complex program but not too complex to set-up. His work and analysis has been seen in Game Pro,,, and several other publications.He currently covers consumer electronics in the PC Labs as the in-house home entertainment expert, reviewing TVs, media hubs, speakers, headphones, and gaming accessories.But you don’t need to record your every movement within your home to be safe.Here are five ways to use web security cameras around your property to keep your home and family members safe and sound:1. Whether it’s a crook or your kid’s friends, if they’re coming in the house, they’re most likely entering through the front door.

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Positioning a camera so it catches the comings and goings is a good way to ensure everyone who is in your house belongs there.

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