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I guess this is not a very common scenario, which is why the “not Equal To” rule was not included in the original ruleset of the plugin.

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After adding the preceding reference to your page we need to use the following syntax to defend the rule for our webpage.

In simple form, the format is like this: Actually when the ASP.

Note that not all sub-tags are required; in this case the script is inferred from the language.

For validating a web form using the j Query validation library we need to include the following scripting file in our master page or webpage.

If you are using the Visual Studio 2013 default template then jquery-1.10.2js is available for your Scripts folder. For jquery.js you can use the CDN link or add the reference using the Nu Get package manager (search for jquery.and install it).

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Or encode the passwords with an encryption and when the passwords typed are matched they are encrypted then matched with the good passwords that are encrypted also, for this way you should use a one way encryption like md5 or SHA so its harder to decode the encoded passes.

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