Two virgos dating

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Many of you have probably heard of Sylvia Brown, well, here's her little spiel on Virgos: "Virgos are promiscuous, but they have a prudish exterior.

Zodiac sign Virgo is very practical, Virgos are sensible people with great self-dignity.

They do not stoop to petty quibbles and unfounded arguments. Daily interaction of two Virgos gets much practical and rational behavior: they will tie each other with scarves, will remove dust from the sleeve of a coat, they kiss on the cheek... Monotonous daily duties, a leisurely life, monotonous affairs bury the most important - love for each other.

Two Virgos make up a good comradeship as they have some much in common.

They have similar view points on life and also they do have the least tolerance to gel with the other zodiac members as friends. There would be mcuh openness and honesty with these friends.

These two get each other and what one lacks the other compliments. Love.Virgos I'm trying to school this young Scorp dude, he is very young acting and stubborn. ^^ she is very kind but sometimes I don't understand her insecurity and she cannot except being wrong very well .is also very possessive of me when we hang around other people.

I can see his flaws cuz when I was young I did the same, you couldn't tell me butter, I knew it all(yeah right) I can understand him, and I have to reach him, his mentality is "cross me and I'll forever despise you, I understand that is how Scorps can be as well as Virgos, but one has to mature or suffer the consequences..gotta grow up, and listen to advice from experienced people. the guy I am seeing is also Virgo and I think we can compliment each other's strong personality most of the time.

Both the Virgos do not exhibit romance and emotions explicitly that the compatibility for romance is completely out of question here.

When two Virgos are involved in a relationship it would be a combination of two perfectionists that compatibility shall exist when the duo are in search for anything perfect in life.

Both value the same things and hence shared interests take them together for long.

I found some of my best and worst qualities were brought out by dating a Scorpio.

Just dont expect perfection (Virgo) and you will be fine. Posted by Let*It*Be " I would date a Scorpio in a heartbeat again." Asked..answered. My bestfriend is a triple Virgo and we have been friends for 8 years.

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Scorpios like to be in charge and so do Virgos, but Virgos will warm up to the idea of being taken care of once trust evolves.

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