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So if you're a female DJ, my betting is you've at some point felt like it's close to an impossible task in front of you. Why do they fail to break the Top 10 lists of any kind (besides an all-female DJ list)?That despite pumping out great mixes and working as hard as you can, the recognition from booking agents and promoters - and the subsequent gigs and success - remain elusive. And more important, how is it that The answers lie in the reasons why females are unequal generally, beyond DJing.When I was around 15-16, I quit the lessons and started composing my own melodies from things I heard online and it all changed when I first heard Avicii in 2009/2010.

Spotify's Top Breakout Artist of 2015 has been blowing minds and breaking records at an extremely young age, inspiring Millennials to follow their dreams.The secret lies in your So, I’m giving you permission. This means there are fewer women who are being mentored through their DJing careers by leading male DJs.One of the most unusual sights in country music is a singer speaking out against country radio.He was still serving a life sentence for another killing.(Keith Bedford/The Boston Globe via AP, Pool, File) Lindsay Ell made a big production about keeping her industry boyfriend a secret until earlier this year when the big reveal was …

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