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For more information about how to improve performance in Excel, see In this article References and Links Minimizing the Used Range Allowing for Extra Data Lookups Array Formulas and SUMPRODUCT Using Functions Efficiently Faster VBA Macros Excel File Formats Performance and Size Workbook Opening, Closing, Saving, and Size Other Performance Optimizations Conclusion About the Authors Additional Resources Published: June 2010 Provided by: Charles Williams, Decision Models Limited │ Allison Bokone, Microsoft Corporation │ Chad Rothschiller, Microsoft Corporation │ About the Authors Contents To increase clarity and avoid errors, design your formulas so that they do not refer forward (to the right or below) to other formulas or cells.

Forward referencing usually does not affect calculation performance, except in extreme cases for the first calculation of a workbook, where it might take longer to establish a sensible calculation sequence if there are many formulas that need to have their calculation deferred.

Summary: This article discusses tips for optimizing many frequently occurring performance obstructions in Microsoft Excel.

This article is one of three companion articles about techniques that you can use to improve performance in Excel as you design and create worksheets.

For example, in cash flow and interest calculations, try to calculate the cash flow before interest, then calculate the interest, and then calculate the cash flow including the interest.

Excel calculates circular references sheet by sheet without considering dependencies.

When you run this example, you can compare the respective running times, which are displayed in the message box. Screen Updating = True For i = 1 To 2 If i = 2 Then Application.

And usually when you write your code, you’re just trying to get things to work. But after a while you notice your code is beginning to get very slow when it runs. I mentioned that the issue is that the screen is constantly updating, which is causing the code to run slowly. The code runs much faster when there’s less real estate to update on your screen. Screen Updating = True End Sub Now the code runs at 1.4 seconds for me, which is a huge improvement.

It’s not as fast as it used to be and it can begin to get pretty frustrating waiting a long time for your code to finish. Color = vb Black Else ' else, color the cell light gray cell. If you think about it, if there were of the screen to process, it should run faster, right? Now it should make sense why it’s a good idea to turn off Public Sub Add Content To Sheet() Application. Color = vb Black Else ' else, color the cell light gray cell.

Execute Replace:=wd Replace All End With With Active Document.

Whenever you have a task to automate, you can usually go down the VBA route. Maybe later you add some features here-and-there, making your VBA code more powerful. Color = vb White End If i = i 1 Next cell ' offset i to alternate column coloring i = i 1 Next repeat Msg Box "Total time was: " & (Timer - start Time) End Sub Before moving on, let’s get a better understanding of why this is taking so long. Color = vb White End If i = i 1 Next cell ' offset i to alternate column coloring i = i 1 Next repeat Msg Box "Total time was: " & (Timer - start Time) Application.

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