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Chris, being an attention whore of sorts, has frequently managed to find himself in the media spotlight.Whether it be television, newspapers, magazines or, of course, the Internet, if Chris can find some way to get his 15 minutes of fame, he'll do it.The hospital morphs into a castle upon her arrival, which she must explore to find her father.The player controls Laura through computer generated full motion video (FMV) sequences, and must complete the game within two hours without a save or pause function.The channel initially gained popularity with its videos about the MMO World of Warcraft, They are well known for their role playing series "Shadow of Israphel", "Yog Labs" and "Moon/Mars/Jaffa Quest Series", as well as their live action series.

Perhaps out of sympathy (but more likely, self-preservation), your hand crept to your lap, shielding your own tender jewels from the ball-consuming fury spewing forth like a radioactive cloud.We're sure that at least one of your buddies (or maybe even you) is dating one.If you’ve ever wondered why your pal’s voluntarily surrendered his man card and settled in for the long slow ride to the Land of the , read on.After this channel became popular, other members of the "Yogs" guild and associates requested that Brindley and Lane help them create You Tube channels of their own.Hannah Rutherford (colloquially Lomadia), Duncan Jones (Lalna or Livid Coffee), Paul Sykes (Sjin) and Chris Lovasz (Sips) thus made channels alongside "Blue Xephos" to create a "Yogscast network".

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It is the first entry in the D series and was first published by Panasonic for the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer in 1995, later being ported to the Sega Saturn, Play Station, and MS-DOS.

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