Skits involving dating questions to ask someone before dating them

Involve family and friends to support your recommendations.Research your school's policies about dating abuse.Use photography, computer graphics and artwork to make the posters unique. (This activity could be part of a larger public service campaign by combining a few of the project ideas from this list.) Write to your local, state and federal representatives about domestic violence.

Jessica spoke personally about the many educators she has worked with throughout her career, and how important it is that educators also get emotional support as this is an issue that impacts so many of us.

Annual Safe & Healthy School Summit sponsored by the Northwestern District Attorney’s Office, Massachusetts Teachers Association and National Education Association.

Each year the summit focuses on a different safety issue impacting young people, and this year the focus was on healthy relationships and teen dating violence.

– The College Pocket Guide to Dating, Mating, and Waiting (available for purchase HERE) A “cliff notes” college guide to everything you need to know about the opposite sex- and God’s plan for your dating life (available for purchase on Amazon or Barnes & Noble) Studies on the Go: Matthew Youth workers often lack the time or ability to lead a quality Bible study; In this volume of the Studies On the Go Series, Laurie Polich-Short takes students through the book of Matthew, providing small group leaders with ready-made, creative, and engaging Bible studies that will challenge students to think deeply, talk openly, and apply what they are learning to their lives.

Studies on the Go: Romans This Bible study helps students explore the spiritual wisdom of Paul’s letter to the Romans.

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