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) along with an onion ring tower during happy hour, and feel confident that your evening is headed in the right direction.

Clear your mind, imagine a world map, and think about a country with great beaches. One of the top 10 countries on the planet for total coastline, and unlike some of coast-rich heavies ahead of it on that list (Canada, Russia, Norway), America pairs a little thermodynamic add-on I like to call "warmth" with its sand. And beyond sheer quantity, America has the diversity: four distinct coasts (we see you, Great Lakes), plus Hawaii.

Lose an afternoon during the happy hour with jumbo 23oz domestic brews, or brave the 50oz “world’s largest pint” and be rewarded with a souvenir glass and the strong likelihood of a fully clothed ocean swim.

Fans of shuttered beachside dive The Poop Deck will be pleased by its recent reincarnation, which now features a noticeable lack of, well, poop.

Count on the durability and beauty of Granite, and the elegance of brushed nickel in the details.

Users are forewarned that it is incumbent upon them to verify information with the responsible state agency or the local law enforcement agency.

Why it’s great: It’s the antithesis of every overbuilt, condo-choked island along Florida’s Gulf Coast, full of nothing but cracker farmhouses, bungalows, art galleries, and old-Florida architecture.

It all sits behind some of the best beaches in America’s beachiest state, which Anna Maria has fastidiously maintained by controlling development.

Tell you what, though: bring it on, world, 'cause the United States is a beach behemoth.

There's no better country in the world for scratching out your patch of sunny sand.

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