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Not that the other thousands and thousands of registrants were all Romeo and Juliet cases, or teens who sexted. And the public registry has no deterring effect either way.Just that most people who have been arrested for a sex crime don't do it again. So just as we allow everyone from drug kingpins to bank robbers to serve their time and then resume their lives (even living next to banks!Authorities say Morgan, for more than a year, received money from 44-year-old Rama Raji Erramraju so that he could have sexual contact with Morgan's young daughter.Blount County District Attorney Pamela Casey on Tuesday announced the arrest of Erramraju, who also goes by the name Sonny Raam.A former substitute teacher in Ohio was sentenced to prison on Monday after admitting to a having sex with a student who her husband plied with alcohol.

The reported crimes happened in room 106 at the Covered Bridge Inn in Oneonta where Erramraju lived.The father’s details won’t be included on the birth certificate.It might be possible to add the father’s details at a later date by completing an application for the re-registration of a child’s birth.The victim, records show, was brought to Erramraju by the girl's mother and Erramraju paid her for doing so.Casey said she couldn't release additional details because of the nature of the crimes and the age of the victim.

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