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star who played a student dating a murderer in the 1996 drama, has a big role in the new film, which Franco insisted should be remade with a sexy, horror edge.

In the revamp, to hit TV screens in the US on June 18, The character originally played by Spelling is a lesbian who falls for a killer woman against the wishes of her over-protective mother and a jealous vampire ex.

"We would keep the gorgeous lover and the over-protective mother, but now the couple would be two young lesbians, and the jealous boyfriend from the original would be a tortured young vampire," Franco said."The mother's skepticism of her daughter's lover could now be folded into homophobic prejudice, which in turn could be tied up with vampirism." Emily Meade plays the lesbian vampire and Franco also has a small role.

, They are raising two children together; Close Friends, Allies, Former Enemies; He tortured her while he wasn't himself (several years ago), Alaric killed Caroline's father while dealing with his Dark Side It's okay. Eventually Alaric fell in love with Caroline and proposed to her however Caroline does not return those feelings but said yes because it would be the best for Lizzie and Josie.

ere are some things that have been in the news in recent weeks: A male college student raping an unconscious woman. So its occasionally uncanny contemporary resonance is less a matter of prescience than throwing as much as possible at the wall of and seeing what sticks — which, to be fair, is about half of everything they try. have concocted a movie that's somehow strangely affecting. The new one, written by Amber Coney and directed by Melanie Aitkenhead (Franco gets story credit and serves as executive producer), throws out virtually everything except the barest plot outlines and Spelling herself, who returns as the mother of danger-loving college student Leah (Leila George).

Here are some things that appear in James Franco's remake of 1996 the Lifetime movie The Franco-masterminded 20th anniversary remake of the Tori Spelling-starring original also contains nubile teenage vampires, a classroom lecture on the same-sex underpinnings of Bram Stoker's Dracula, a reading from Christina Rossetti's 19th-century poem "Goblin Market" and a hefty dose of lesbian softcore. — the original featured Spelling as the unwitting girlfriend of a charismatic sociopath who, in the opening scene, beats his previous victim to death with a cutting board.

Ahead of his live gig at NYC’s iconic Webster Hall this Saturday, Nov. They’d actually seen me doing a pilot for The CW a year earlier, which was “The Selection.” It didn’t get picked up.

15 (buy tickets here), the happily married father-of-one gave us an inside look at his life and shares 12 things you never knew about him! I was the male lead in that, so they were kind of slightly familiar with my stuff and I think because I did that show, they didn’t really run me through all the hoops they’d normally do.

These mysterious lovers are great at hooking attention.

Your life has no value.” ALEX: [laughs] PJ: OK, so what’s the thing?

PJ: Married people have this thing about like, “Let me see your Tinder, let me Tinder for you.” A lot of them, where they’ll take your phone and they’ll just start, like, they’re like, “Yes. Whatever,” and it’s like, you’re inviting people on dates for me. ALEX: It’s like treating people like video game characters. You’ll just regenerate.” PJ: Yeah, you- ALEX: “It doesn’t matter if I send you on a bad date, you’ll bounce back.” PJ: “You’re not married. ALEX: This woman named Molly, she lives in Brooklyn. ALEX: Two years ago, she moved in with her boyfriend.

ALEX: [laughs] So, PJ, normally the way it works with Super Tech Support is that someone comes to me with tech problems and I resolve them. ALEX: But, uh, I’m coming to you with a problem that’s, like, from a part of the internet that I don’t really know anything about because I’ve been in the same relationship for so long that I just don’t know anything about online dating. Which – which part of the online dating universe are we going to?

ALEX: [gently singing along to the Super Tech Support theme] PJ: Oh god.

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Two people date, they break up, they both go on Tinder. Because, um, I have a history of supporting people.

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