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” (‘Oh, my treasure, my heaven – I love you so much! Naturally, it’s easy come, easy go but in the moment they can be quite taken away and speak to their lovers in a species of baby talk. Mexican girls are educated to a very strict idea of femininity and are dressed in pink from day one.They wear tight, tight jeans to show off their figures and a bare mid riff is often a compulsory element in their everyday attire.Yes, while a Mexican man may say he loves you, that he’s been waiting to meet someone like you, or that he’ll follow you anywhere, please be very skeptical if this kind of talk occurs within the first month or week of dating.

This cultural attitude may be more apparent with the more religious or conservative men.While it is important to keep in mind that stereotypes are often incorrect, it is doubly important to be prepared for what you may experience.It may be beneficial to have an understanding of what to expect before you begin courting your Mexican man.Yet for many Mexican women the only ideal is to find a husband to support her.And preferably buy her lots of accessories in the meanwhile.

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My first love was Gael Garcia-Bernal with his powerful portrayal of Che Guevara in the Motorcycle Diaries movie.

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