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All the shoes were Adidas, but the clothes were thrift store finds that I think they dyed to be the same color scheme.’ A rep told TMZ that they had in fact received an hour and lunch, and that they had been dressed in ‘vintage’ clothes. He sent us to jersey and put us in Salvation Army clothes.’ Another told the site: ‘I think a misconception was that the clothes the extras were wearing were from the Yeezy collection. We would tell you to think of it like a mix between TMZ and The Drudge Report, but we’re sure you already know that seeing as how there’s a good chance you’re one of the 14 million people who make their way to the site to find out which celeb is cheating on their spouse, peep the latest nude picture leak, or to just see where your favorite celeb is currently eating and with whom. However, unlike other extremely popular websites, the guy behind MTO is relatively unknown. We know this because since it launched in 2006, Media Take (MTO) has carved out a comfortable niche for itself as one of—if not —premier urban celebrity news website.Well, that's because lately a lot of visitors have been clicking on Kim Kardashian stories.It may sound like a simple, even tired, formula, but it works. Mwangaguhunga to branch out into the world of online video.He’s got the numbers to back it up: A 2010 survey of 1,000 U. consumers showed that 83 percent of viewers under 25 “watched some, most or all of their TV programming online.” “You look at all the demographics—the under-25 market is watching less physical TV on a television.Kanye West has hit another critic where it hurts – in their @ mentions.

Let Gossip Cop set the record straight on this wholly made-up report. In fact, William’s so-called girlfriend, Krista Vernoff, is a TV writer who works on the show.

In each weekly episode, one man must choose between three women who are vying for his attention in a dating show format that Media Take Out founder Fred Mwangaguhunga describes as an African-American version of the 1999 TV series, . There’s controversy, there’s drama involved,” explains Mwangaguhunga, who has partnered with Fisher Klingenstein Films and the show’s executive producer Dan Garcia in the venture. No nudity, no foul language, but we are going to push the edges.” The Web series represents a significant shift in content programming for Media Take Out.

The website—which was founded in 2006 and now averages 300 million page views per month—is based on a simple but effective formula of outrageous headlines, biting humor and often racy photos of Hollywood stars, athletes and musicians.

The rapper has been giving a gossip site one heck of a tongue-lashing after they branded his show ‘sh*t’. From The YEEZY SEASON 3 SH*T SHOW That Kanye West Held Yesterday .

The US site’s headline read: ‘We Got TONS OF PICS .

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Jesse Williams was not “spotted” on a date with his “new girlfriend,” despite a manufactured report. After Media Fake Out, as it’s known, published the phony story, Vernoff blasted the webloid in a series of tweets. Jesse Williams has a new blonde SHOWRUNNER (not girlfriend) you stalker a**holes! The screenwriter continued, “Let this be a lesson, friends.

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