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The worm on this drive has a propensity to lift and partially disengage when under load - resulting in some inaccuracy and abnormal wear on the gears themselves.

As a by-product of this fix the kit will reduce gear drive "chatter" - a noise that indicates that the worm is pushing away from the worm gear.

During this time, I have learned many of the key issues that determine how well PEMPro will improve the quality of your mounts PE.

Second possibly only to Ray Gralak who developed the software.

Install a simple but positive worm engagement system.

This kit not only upgrades and adjusts the scope's gears; it addresses and tunes the full mechanical drive system for both axes.

VERSION 5.9.3 Auto Star Updater version 5.9.3 adds support for the new Audio Star hand controller.

Several Autostar updater bugs were also resolved with this update.

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(note that I'm not looking for top-quality stuff, I'm still starting out..want images that won't be too embarrassing, and will let me hone relevant skills) It comes with an Autostar II controller...anything I should know about this, or are they all pretty standard?

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