List of expiration dating of drug patents

As outlined above, the granting of a patent is far from being a final act: a granted patent may be partly or completely invalid.

In 2008, spending on branded drugs in developed pharmaceutical markets was 18.5 billion U.

A similar concept, a registered design can be obtained in other countries.

In Kenya, Japan, South Korea and Hungary, industrial designs are registered after performing an official novelty search.

For example, EPC Article 138 includes grounds for revocation on the basis that the invention is not patentable (for example, the invention falls into a category which is excluded from patentability, such as therapeutic or surgical methods, or the invention is not new or is not inventive), that the patent isn't clear enough about how to carry out the invention, that the patent application or the granted patent has been amended in a way which is not permissible, and that the patent was granted to somebody who was not entitled to it.

Some concrete examples include: • A mistake may have been made during the granting process about whether or not the invention should have been patentable.

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