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One of the most anticipated series of the TVB Sales Presentation is the "Line Walker 2" series.

The original stars of the show will be back again, except for Raymond Lam, who plays the original male-lead. It featured 15 new dramas and variety programs to showcase to advertisers.

I have to shoot a TV series in mainland, but I hope there will be an opportunity some time after I return next year," the actor added.

Although Sheh answered most of the questions regarding the latest installment of her movie, most viewers notice how Chan avoided in talking to Sheh.

Sheh attended the TVB event to promote her latest film together with Kenneth Ma, Priscilla Wong and Raymond Wong.

Despite playing Kate Tsui's mentally challenged brother in "Highs and Lows", the 33-year-old actor actually comes from an extremely wealthy background, with his family involved in the business of manufacturing boats.

However, the actor revealed that "a little brother" is indeed who he is to Charmaine.

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In addition they have been extra careful and were no longer captured together.

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