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Eventually, deputies in her office began issuing licenses.Kentucky’s governor and General Assembly would later remove the name of clerks from the marriage licenses.

For the next six years you must walk the straightest line imaginable.

That ruling came in four cases consolidated as one of which specifically involved a couple who wanted to adopt but was barred from doing so because Michigan banned same-sex marriage and adoption by unmarried couples.

Nance’s recusal drew some comparisons to the case of Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis, who was jailed after she refused in the face of multiple court orders to begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples, saying she couldn’t issue the licenses because her name was on them, and it violated her religious beliefs.

Pinski exercised broad discretion in sentencing Evaro, doubling a plea agreement recommendation for a three-year deferred sentence and adding additional conditions that Evaro be placed under house arrest for six years and undergo continuous alcohol monitoring at his own expense.

Evaro must also pay substantial restitution to the victim.“The defendant can leave his home for treatment, for work, for alcohol monitoring, and as otherwise approved by his probation officer,” Pinski said. Given the many common misconceptions about rape cases and just the facts of this case …

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