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My current character (melee oriented Dragon Shaman) has a lot of success with the Intimidating Strike feat.Daunting Presence is another feat you may want to consider - although probably not both, as I don't think either can push the foe beyond shaken...I would like to make Intimidate a major part of my PC's fighting style. ) My PC is a beguiler/warblade (gestalt character).I think it's cool, and themey; I don't like the fact that it takes a Standard action, though. , which allows you to make Intimidate checks as a move action.

Intimidating Strike is designed to be used with a normal attack.The "melee attack" in the Intimidating Strike feat needs to be just that, not a touch attack for a spell, spell-like ability, or the like. Any wizard-type with low hp who charges into melee deserves whatever he gets.The biggest one is Imperious Command [Drow of the Underdark].Edit: Not directly related to the question, but maybe helpful.The APG has 2 feats that allow you to situationally make free Intimidate checks. Enforcer would work, except that it's marked as Fan Content... Dreadful Carnage is good too, but kind of situational.

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79) [General] You make a display of your combat prowess designed to strike terror in your foe.

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