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It makes it almost impossible to get constant bonuses and as a result people quit when they are too far in the red.

OYou can expect to get 300000 if you have a family, possibly more if you negotiate, depending on family size, but don't expect it to go higher than 300000.25000 monthly commuting cover. You might be asked to make a decision on the spot, but if you need time to consider, that should be fine. The HR goes on about how much of a bonus you can get but fails to mention the part where you have to pay back your monthly salary and only get whats left over.

Another task you might need to tackle is cultural differences.

Nevertheless: If you are single and have decided to find a Japanese partner, learning Japanese will definitely increase the possibility to pursue your dream.

In the beginning, this might feel strange, but in the long run it will only benefit you. Let’s face it: online dating is not something that unusual anymore and with having a busy work schedule this might be the only way to get to know more than just one person randomly at a party or through a friend.

Singles want the full variety that the internet offers and through online dating, people can actually have a more specific choice, or at least that is what one believes. If you get to know each other and find out you do not intend to have a romantic relationship, you still have made a new friend!

Living in a foreign country can be one of the most frustrating experiences a person goes through, especially if they aren’t equipped with a full grasp of the language and culture, or a solid set of people and material resources to explain the ropes.

One site that aspires to do it all is Gaijin Pot, an online community site for all manner of advertising, information, and personal exchange related to Japan for people (both foreign and native) living there.

– Jobs: Gaijin Pot has a great search engine for its job listings.Critics say that online dating is superficial, especially because people tend to select by looks. Statistics show, that people who look too good or too handsome are difficult to approach, same like in real life. Popular sites include Japan cupid or Gaijin Pot Personals A much more fun way to get to know people is to join sport clubs, art clubs or just meet friends and their friends. So my contract with JET finishes up this August, and while a part of me does want to go home, another part of me still wants to try living in a city here before I do.A Japanese tech company called Logbar has chosen a controversial way to advertise its new wearable translator, Ili.The basic premise of Ili is that the user can speak into it in English, Chinese or Japanese, and it will reproduce the words in any of those three languages, according to Buzzfeed. However, the commercial that Logbar released for the device features its spokesman, Dean, using Ili to ask random women on the streets of Tokyo to kiss him.

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