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If you were, you might have a comedy special, DVD, anything.Shoot it was hard finding stand up of you on You Tube.'It's so hard to date anybody today,' Eva told NBC before the show aired. Scouring the earth for that perfect match.'This show is going to do for the dating show genre what The Voice did for the music show genre,' Bill Rancic said.'This show puts it into a format that people are using today.

, which debuted the same month) to air in first-run syndication since the 2006 cancellations of Blind Date and Elimidate.This is probably the most obvious example that this show is 100 percent fake.These outings the contestants go on are the most manufactured, unauthentic, insincere, and fraudulent encounters that exist on television. This Iliza Shlesinger is just the perfect combo: Smart, witty, hot, funny...right? I was sadly not surprised when I read the reviews on here that say Iliza is the only thing that makes the show worth watching, those people just sound like the biggest suckers.This 'challenge' is an integral part of the show.And if the suitor doesn't want to do the 'challenge', then the person who gets to choose holds it against them, and their failure to complete the challenge usually hurts their chances.

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