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The scholar’s recommendation might seem at odds with how the faith is often perceived.

Their culture is Arab and their language Arabic but they opted against mainstream Arab nationalism in 1948 and have since served (first as volunteers, later within the draft system) in the Israel Defense Forces and the Border Police.He then realized that deep-rooted conflicts of the Levant were playing out in the halls of an American high school. “Like Romeo and Juliet.” It was this dramatic scenario that led Takri to finally learn about the religion he belonged to his whole life but had never taken the time to understand.He consulted a visiting Lebanese Druze religious scholar to ask how he could learn more about the faith.The Druze religion has its roots in Ismailism, a religio-philosophical movement which founded the Fatimid Caliphate in Egypt in the tenth century.During the reign of al-Hakim (996 - 1021) the Druze creed came into being, blending Islamic monotheism with Greek philosophy and Hindu influences.

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