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Then I sent it to Tim Baroni, a geneticist in New York.

He spent about a year and a half figuring out what it was, and when he finished, he named it a new genus. “And because of citizen mycologists, we’re going to find more.” A lot more, unless June is as dry as May was wet, Evenson says.

Wispy moss hung low on the trees casting a soft shadow on the green carpet below.

Small buds appeared on a wild plum tree just starting to open up as the warmth of spring had just hit.

A middle-aged couple infamously sentenced to 15 years in prison for plucking a few mushrooms for their dinner table from a protected forest was released recently.

Udom Sirisorn, now 53, and his wife Daeng Sirisorn, 50, were released 17 months after they collapsed in tears during sentencing, images of which stirred a public outcry over an unjust system at the time.

That means as much as million in a bumper crop of morels — ironically sparked by the same fire that is blocking hunters — is rotting in the woods west of Yosemite Park.

“It’s a shame to let those morels go to waste,” said Curt Haney, president of the San Francisco Mycological Association, who doesn’t believe conditions are any more dangerous than in other, less productive, burn areas where gatherers have access.

“It’s a tremendous lost opportunity,” he explained.

In their own words, “How About We is a company that helps people fall in love and stay in love.” In my own words, “it’s a company that helps couples such as ourselves plan fun dates because we are too overwhelmed with the idea to do it ourselves.” We dropped off the kids at school then headed east and into the woods with local foraging expert, Langdon Cook.

Along the three-mile path he identified miner’s lettuce, fiddlehead ferns, huckleberries, salmon berries, wild raspberries, Oregon berries, and stinging nettles. I grew up with the pacific northwest forest as my backyard and spent my days snacking on huckleberries and cursing the stings from nettles.

“I want us to be a family that forages together.” I told Gabe.

“That’d be fun.” He responded not really knowing what that means or looks like but eagerly jumping on board as he often does when I come up with yet another lofty dream.

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