Dating on a dime ideas six month dating anniversary

There are many ways to treat your loved one to a special date without emptying your wallet (or his). Sometimes it's important to remember that being romantic doesn't have to mean spending all your dough.She has joined the MTL Blog team as one of their creative writers.Her goal is to have an active life while discovering the virtues of Montreal!

It could be a good way to avoid your date if there is no chemistry—and who knows—you might end up going home with someone else.

Everyone has a favorite childhood (or adulthood) game, whether it's Monopoly, Clue, or Catch Phrase, so settle in for the night and enjoy a little friendly competition.

Or you might try one of the new, more complex games that are sweeping the country like "Settlers of Canaan."Urbanites, toss a blanket and bottle of wine in the car and then drive until you find a scenic location far from the city lights.

Design by Brian Patrick Flynn Sue Adams, Sue Adams Interiors: Sometimes the greatest change can be made by simply updating your bed with a refreshing set of brand-new sheets.

So, buy white sheets of the highest thread count (while staying within the budget), then add a new throw at the end of the bed and some colorful and/or luxe throw pillows.

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