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Law courts were held there, and the area of the present staircase was divided off as the town "lock-up".Religious groups including Quakers, Baptists, Independents and Methodists used it for meetings, and John Wesley preached here several times; in 1749 addressing a large congregation from the "Wesley Stone" now outside the north-west corner.He continues to serve on the Editorial Board of Journal of Quaternary Science (John Wiley) and is a former member of the Editorial Board of Quaternary Science Reviews (Elsevier: 2000-2005).

A total of 16 people per 100,000 in the county were duped into transferring money to scammers using fake profiles on dating sites after building their trust. It showed Norfolk was also a hotspot for lottery scams with 22 in 100,000 paying to enter a non-existent prize draw, compared with 10 per 100,000 nationally.Often in such cases, people are scammed into sending money to someone they think they are in a relationship with.Norfolk was also a hotspot for reported lottery scams - where victims are duped into paying to enter a non-existent prize draw, with 2.2 reports per 10,000 people compared with 1.0 nationally. His research has also been concerned with aspects of stratigraphy and chronology, especially radiocarbon dating, during the Last Glacial-Interglacial Transition. (2012): Dating environmental change and constructing chronologies. He is particularly interested in short-term climate change, its impact on landscape, and its manifestation in proxy records.

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He was a member of the NERC Earth Sciences Peer Review Committee (1999-2002), of the Services Review Group (2001), and of the EFCHED (Environmental Factors in the Chronology of Human Evolution and Dispersal) Steering Committee (2001-2006).

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