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One of the top concerns of college students has always been interactions with the opposite sex and dating (Martinson & Zerface, 1990).

A survey of college students by Mc Ewan (1983), pressing personal concerns, indicated that 16% view the area of dating as the chief concern in their life over things such as grades and finances.

Many women and men have shattered traditional gender roles in modern dating.

It's not uncommon for women to pay for themselves, initiate messaging, and even sex.

They were equally likely to self-report imbalances in their relationships, and to also feel subordinate.

But, the effects of feeling subordinate were not the same for both genders.

Here, a woman assumes a dominant role, but this is only to avoid being treated as a subordinate.

Since this is a biblical instruction spoken by God, in that place we as women will have most peace.Palms sweaty, heart racing, body trembling, and butterflies in your stomach. Think back to the first time you asked out someone you liked.These uncomfortable symptoms may be reminiscent of your first experience with attempting to initiate a date.I asked them what they believed the role of a woman in dating is according to their experience and according to scripture.I love the richness and diversity of their responses: Single/22 years old: The role of a Christian woman in dating is to be pursued.

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