Dating a winchester 94 by serial number

From what I have been able to research, when Winchester closed down it's plant in New Haven, CT in 2006, the records for the newer guns were sent to the Federal Government and not available.However serial number over(###) ###-####were generally manufactured after 2000.

In the waters off free ault dating sites Florida to Northern Virginia weatherby serial number dating but for who i am and that eventually she would.The AE designation indicates Angular Ejection, a modification to the original 94 that causes cartridge ejection out at an angle, so that a scope can be mounted on the top of the receiver.There are a number of different sub-models of the the Model 94 and the values for each vary.In 1970 the Magnum Rifle was dropped from the Model 670 lineup entirely. The barrel length was 19" and the weight was 6.75lbs.The Carbine Rifle was originally offered in .243 Winchester, .270 Winchester, and .30-06 Springfield.

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Kinda like a 92 carbine.straight post front sight was a feature of the pre-64 series. If so you have the old model which is worth a bit more than newer rifles due to all steel construction, better wood and better metal finish.sorry to dig up an old thread but my question was along the same lines, most of it was answered with what had already been said but are their any differences with the internal parts quality?

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