Dating a man who is going through a separation

If you are thinking of dating someone outside of the relationship, this article will discuss some things you will want to consider prior to taking that step.

Currently, I am using online dating to meet new prospects, though I choose not to date anyone who is going through divorce.

In other words, what exactly is a separated man or divorced man?

Isn’t it going to be a risky and super-messy affair?

I was already a few drinks deep and he wasn’t far behind, but we struck up a conversation and danced like the drunken buffoons we were and, at the end of the night, exchanged numbers.

It took one phone call for him to tell me that he was in the middle of a divorce.

Here are some of the basics to help you get clearer on his situation…

And ultimately help you get clearer insight on whether or not this is a relationship where you want to go into deeper levels of commitment.

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The questions that follow each section are questions to consider when you’re thinking about whether to continuing seeing him—especially if you have the intention of dating with the purpose of finding a life-partner.

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