Carbometric dating

Alcoa Norway Carbothermic has been involved in the field of carbothermic aluminum research since 1998.As a part of development of their newest carbothermic test reactor, the Hot Bowl reactor, Alcoa Norway Carbothermic has proposed a thesis regarding redesign of a machine used to lower different types of measuring equipment down into the reactor, called the utility robot. condenser in which they are directly contacted with a quench metal so as to rapidly chill the sodium vapor and prevent reaction with the carbon monoxide. KIRK 2,810,636 METHOD FOR PRODUCING SODIUM Filed June 4, 1956 15 Charge Preparmicm 12 11 R 900 1 0/ 1 D-\ M0 60 2C 2A/0 C0 1 i0 14 Na Vapor 60 Gas Gonoenser Mo/zen Na Quench [email protected] Mo/fen N0 7* Exchanyer Na Ol-l R 666 r vo/r- MO/Ir') Na F/u'X N00H N0 C0 C N0 INVEN TOR. 22, 1957 METHOD FOR PRODUCING SODIUM Roy Charles Kirk, Midland, Micl1., assignor to Dow Chemical Company, Midland, Mich., a corporation of Delaware Application June 4, 1956, Serial No. The carbothermic process of producing sodium by reducing sodium carbonate with carbon in a high temperature reactor is known and is described, for example, in United States Patent No. In general, this process comprises charging sodium carbonate and a high temperature reactor in which the carbonreduces the sodium carbonate to sodium vapor, and carbon monoxide is produced as a by-product.

The EAF smelting process of ilmenite concentrate consumes large amounts of energy.

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