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I am an avid fan of National Public Radio (NPR) – and this morning, I heard the story of “Young Indians Abroad Return to Help Better Country” as part of the series on “Climate Connections: Profiles.” The story discusses the growing trend of young Indians who grew up in Britain, Australia and America are now going to the new wild west – India, hanging out with Indian friends, and having conversations about climate change and the environment.

Indian-Americans are known as “ABCD’s” – “American-Born Confused Desis”: “In this broadcast on Morning Edition we talk to a bunch of American-born Indians and their local friends who discuss what it’s like to come “home” and what it’s like to be invaded by Americans who want to rediscover their “Indian-ness”.

Apparently, it is a crime if you have never heard of Hrithic Roshan and the very famous Sharukh Khan.

However, if you ask an average Indian teen about Hindu philosophy, poets such as Kabir or the traumatic history of India many will give you a blank stare.

There are some who argue that second and third-generation Indians have lost their culture, religion and language.

Adding conflict to the situation is the devious Rakesh Patel who also has an eye for Nina but is well-versed in Indian songs, movies, religion and culture, making Kris look even more like an ABCD -- American Born Confused Desi.

Exception to the rule: Your parents are going to force you into a career.

Bangra, Yoga and Wushu are ethnic foods in your mind.

How to become a Twinkie / ABCD (American Born Confused Desi): 1. Names like Raja become Roger and names like Wei Tong becomes Jason.

Also, any sort of techno remix of a song in your own native tongue is outlawed.

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